High Tech

Salesforce solutions to accelerate revenue transformation

Drive innovation and collaboration across the enterprise

Your business is not “one size fits all” — your Salesforce Org shouldn’t be either. Free your teams from manual work, increase customer engagement at every touch point, and fuel innovation across product development, marketing, and sales, with Salesforce delivered by Argano. Our experienced business consultants and Salesforce developers deliver industry-specific solutions fine-tuned to meet your business objectives. More timely and relevant customer information, improved service and communication, and greater ROI from your Salesforce investment — leave it all to Argano.

Revenue transformation with Salesforce

With comprehensive capabilities and experience across the product to cash lifecycle, Argano enables fast-growing, high-tech companies to drive revenue transformation across the entire business value chain. Whether it is moving from a perpetual license model to a subscription selling model or automating processes and workflows across finance, sales, and customer service, we’re here to help.

Exceptional engagement starts with data

The data to create mutually rewarding customer relationships lives everywhere. We help you bring it into Salesforce, empowering your team optimize customer experience and increase customer loyalty. Gain clear insights into behavior, sentiment, and interests while having the ability to deliver personalized experiences that fuel greater customer satisfaction and increased profitability.

Turning one-time purchases into lifetime customers

Real-time product and pricing configuration and automated billing. Tailored upsells and upgrades. Reduced revenue leakage. Argano empowers you with the tools to expand existing accounts, protect your margins, and ensure your sales executives are selling the product configurations that optimize revenue.

Accelerating innovation through integration

When it comes to capitalizing on new markets or product-driven competitive advantage, speed-to-market and business agility are paramount. High-tech clients rely on Argano’s comprehensive industry know-how and robust enterprise architecture expertise to architect and implement scalable Salesforce solutions.