Revenue Transformation

Automating revenue operations with Salesforce Revenue Lifecycle Management

Drive revenue growth across the customer lifecycle

Salesforce Revenue Lifecycle Management (RLM) is a powerful platform that provides your business with the tools to digitize and automate its product-to-cash lifecycle. From product catalogs, pricing rules, quote configuration, billing, and contract management, you can do it all with Salesforce. Partner with Argano to ensure Salesforce RLM is implemented, configured, and optimized to meet the specific needs of your business. As a leading Salesforce partner specializing in RLM and revenue transformation strategy and consulting, we help you drive optimal business outcomes.

Optimize revenue operations with a proven framework

Enterprise businesses in multiple industries rely on Argano’s Revenue Cycle Maturity Model to drive complex revenue transformation initiatives across the customer lifecycle. Whether you are looking to shift to a usage- or subscription-based model, automate complex and dynamic billing/invoicing scenarios, or empower end users with digital self-service portals, we can help you get there with our proven revenue transformation framework.

Orchestrate business processes and revenue operations

Revenue transformation comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether your use case is relatively straightforward or very complex with many variables and several phases, Argano can solve for it with Salesforce’s Revenue Lifecycle Management platform. Both enterprise and mid-market clients trust our expertise in designing, implementing, and supporting Salesforce-based solutions that optimize and align end-to-end business processes with revenue operations.

Grow revenue with self-service functionality

We live in an on-demand, digital world. Empower your customers, partners, resellers, and distribution partners with robust self-service experiences built on the Salesforce platform. Argano specializes in building digital portals for a variety of use cases including Help Centers, Account Portals, Partner Portals, and online payment processing. 

Minimize revenue leakage through standardization

Revenue leakage is a challenge every business must manage. By standardizing and automating revenue operations with Salesforce, we help clients identify and eliminate areas of revenue leakage. Leveraging a proven transformation framework to break down and analyze your existing revenue operations, we help you create an optimized future-state operating model.

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