Transportation & Logistics

Salesforce solutions to automate and optimize business processes

Connecting product, people, and processes

Keep your transportation and logistics business moving with CRM systems, AI applications, and industry expertise from Salesforce and Argano. Optimize your business with rate and service standardization, product to cash automation, transparent contract management, and data-driven business intelligence. From automated quoting and billing solutions built on Salesforce to powerful, digital platforms that empower your customers and partners to self-service, we move your business forward.

Rate and services standardization

Due to the inherent complexity and granularity of services rendered, revenue leakage is an incessant challenge that transportation and logistics businesses must overcome. Argano is adept at helping clients in the industry leverage the Salesforce platform to standardize and consolidate both rates and services with solutions such as automated quoting and centralized pricing management.

Proactive partnerships

More than any other industry, logistics is reliant on proactive partner relationships. Argano can facilitate the creation of such partnerships via a unified platform and Salesforce Partner Relationship Management tools. Additionally, Argano can build the systems and data visualizations that enable the tracking of key distribution partner KPIs to equip you with the necessary insights to optimize your channel relationships.

Synergized data

For global transportation businesses, critical data is literally everywhere and also almost always on the move. Argano will build a single “port of call” for all business data — internal and external — letting clients spot both opportunities and issues in real-time. Driver engagement, customer work orders, sales quotes and agreements: we put it all in your hands with actionable data to drive better, faster decisions.

Optimize Decision Making

Ensure your employees, partners, shippers, and contractors have secure access to the right data and business intelligence when they need it. Enhance operational visibility and interdepartmental collaboration while minimizing errors, service delays, and expenses through efficient, automated workflows and seamless integration between business-critical systems.