Sales Performance Management

Improving sales efficiency with the powerful functionality of Salesforce Spiff

Optimize sales process efficiency and automate incentive compensation management

Salesforce Spiff has extended the world’s most widely used CRM platform — Salesforce Sales Cloud — with powerful sales performance management functionality to help your business improve sales process efficiency, reduce the administrative burden of manual variable compensation management, and drive optimal sales behaviors and increased revenue. With deep Sales Cloud expertise across various industries and a mature sales performance management (SPM) practice with more than 20 years of experience, Argano is your go-to partner for Salesforce Spiff implementation, solution enablement, and post-production managed services.

Optimize sales behavior and drive results

With Salesforce Spiff, accurately reward your high-performing sales executives and ensure that your incentives are aligned with organizational growth goals and desired behaviors. Providing clear visibility into potential earnings helps your sales team prioritize high-value deals and promotes upsells while encouraging goal-setting and performance improvement when necessary.

Gain greater insight into sales performance

Track individual and sales team performance metrics in real-time directly in Salesforce CRM. Ensure your leaders have the right sales intelligence at their fingertips to optimize incentive programs and drive exceptional sales results as market dynamics shift. Maximize the strategic value of sales planning and accelerate informed decision making with actionable, data-driven business intelligence.

Automate and scale incentive compensation management

When you have a handful of sales reps selling a relatively simple product mix, managing variable compensation manually is not impossible, but how do you scale? Leverage the powerful automation capabilities of Salesforce Spiff to eliminate arduous and error-prone manual processes.

Accelerate time-to-value

Maximize your Salesforce investment and ensure that your Salesforce Org is configured properly to support the nuances of your sales team and complex variable compensation plans. Our Sales Performance Management experts and Salesforce consultants bring industry-specific best practices and domain expertise to every client engagement.