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4 Ways Salesforce Service Cloud Increases Agent Productivity

The world is constantly evolving, and technology has significantly changed how we operate on a daily basis, even compared to just a few years ago.  

Business is no exception. The way we do business, manage the company, and deal with customers is very different from how we did it a decade ago.

Constant improvements and the adoption of new technology trends will lead to everything changing again in the next decade. 

The cloud is the answer to optimizing business performance. It allows for greater and more continuous improvement, total quality management (TQM), greater efficiency, and leaner production. 

With this technological breakthrough, you can store any type of information and access it anywhere, anytime, and from any device, freeing you of the need to be anchored to a personal computer. 

Amid this ecosystem of content stored remotely in the cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud was born, offering companies the power to deploy resources directly into the cloud. 

Let’s take a look at what Salesforce Service Cloud is, some of its key features, and four ways that Salesforce Service Cloud can increase agent productivity.

What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

Salesforce Service Cloud is a component of the Salesforce ecosystem, a customer support platform that allows users or agents to offer a simple and instant service. It also provides customers with the ability to choose how to contact and chat with agents from any device, and from any location.

Among the channels offered are SMS, telephone, email, real-time web chat, self-service sites, and social networks. These channels are open and available to agents to respond effectively and immediately to customers’ needs.

The Salesforce cloud service is a leader in customer service solutions worldwide.  It manages customer information in a practical and unparalleled way, providing a comprehensive solution for companies trying to improve their customer service.

Salesforce Service Cloud Features

  • User-friendly interface
  • Competitive pricing
  • The Customer Connection Console, providing superior customer service regardless of the channel
  • A level of user experience improved from the classic call center
  • Increased social networking for the development of new communities and contributors


How Does the Salesforce Cloud Service Work?

Within the list of service providers based on the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, Salesforce has become one of the best and most popular customer service applications worldwide. As such, there are many Salesforce training options, such as Salesforce certifications professionals from various fields can pursue to master the use of the platform.  

Its main objective is to help manage the need for communication between companies and their customers.

Salesforce Service Cloud allows businesses and organizations to connect with anyone with an internet connection, regardless of their location. This optimizes the organization’s ability to take advantage of all of the benefits offered by this application, without having to implement complicated connection methods.

Salesforce Service Cloud also allows companies to share resources and offer services through both the internet and through a private internal network. 

In other words, companies can offer services according to their purpose between public and private clouds.

4 Ways Salesforce Service Cloud Can Increase Agent Productivity

Salesforce Service Cloud offers a platform without any barriers between marketing and sales, and there are many Salesforce integrations to connect the platform with your other technologies.  It also permits enhanced operational efficiency, increased sales, a seamless experience, and encourages brand loyalty.

Here are four key ways that Salesforce can increase agent productivity:

  • LiveMessage

The Salesforce platform offers LiveMessage, a personalized mobile messaging service. It also offers a contact center with two-way messaging capabilities including SMS and Facebook Messenger support.

LiveMessage boosts agent productivity by automating the collection of data and information from customers, increasing efficiency, and responding immediately to frequently asked questions, all of which helps in reducing call volume and associated costs.

  • Einstein Prediction Builder

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here, and it’s the foundation for productivity success in Salesforce Service Cloud. It helps in distribution management and automation when scheduling appointments and tracking everything that happens.

The Einstein Prediction Builder analyzes customer data to help improve a specific aspect of your business. By creating a data model that provides a personalized probability score, the Einstein Prediction Builder allows businesses to better understand their customer’s needs and to determine how best to serve those needs. Users can also take advantage of Salesforce Workbench to query and manipulate Salesforce data directly in their web browsers.  

  • Omnichannel Redirection

Customers have the assurance that their cases will be redirected to the agents specializing in the requested solution, thus providing a personalized experience for any request. The customer can also choose the communication channel of their preference.

The client makes use of live messaging 24/7 by text message, Facebook Messenger, social networks, email, or telephone. By obtaining specialized responses immediately, communication and interaction between the agent and the client are better facilitated, increasing both optimization and customer experience satisfaction.  

Customers can rest assured their data and information are completely secure on the platform thanks to its multi-layered approach to protecting confidential information.

  • Lightning Service 

Salesforce Service Cloud is a single console. A single view of the customer allows agents to improve productivity. 

Not having to open multiple browsers or tabs reduces the risk of losing information, thus avoiding performance degradation and maintaining maximum customer interaction.

With just one click, users can extract the necessary information, view the customer’s status, display recommendations, and attach solutions to the issue for the customer to resolve quickly.

Salesforce Service Cloud is the most versatile platform for your business.  Thanks to its features and functionality, more businesses and organizations are migrating to Salesforce to offer an optimized and higher level of service, helping them stand out from their competition. 

If you want to get the most from Salesforce Service Cloud, reach out to an experienced Salesforce consultant like Argano. Our experts have more than two decades of experience with Salesforce consulting and implementation and have completed hundreds of successful Salesforce projects.