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Driving Revenue Transformation with Automated Customer-Facing Reports

This is part two of our Tableau Embedded Analytics series. Part one explores the concept of Tableau embeds and the transformative potential they hold for elevating your business’s data-driven decision-making processes.

Data is the baseline for enabling strategic decisions and innovation, and businesses are constantly looking for solutions that can help them leverage data to optimize operations and enhance customer satisfaction. In this article, we go deeper into Tableau Embedded Analytics, exploring how the integration of automated customer-facing reports can be a transformative force. Highlighting a use case, we discuss how an environmental company harnessed Argano’s enhanced reporting and KPI analytics to ensure efficiency and safety in delivering clean drinking water to millions of customers.

Tackling data complexity with a comprehensive approach

The environmental company faced a critical challenge — communicating the impact of chemical treatments on water quality and equipment performance to its vast customer base. The traditional reporting system struggled to deliver insights due to the sheer complexity of data sources.

Argano took a holistic and comprehensive approach to solving the challenge by targeting four key areas to improve reporting and insights.

  1. Data Transparency

By working closely with the organization’s IT team, Argano paved the way for a new era of data transparency. Curated data sources, powered by real-time data from IoT devices in the field, allowed engineers to walk customers through their data. This not only provided insights into equipment performance but also empowered them to proactively address maintenance needs and predict equipment replacements.

  1. Commercial Fleet Reporting

Powerful dashboards offer a panoramic view of the organization’s data across an extensive network of plants. Engineers can now drill down into specific equipment at customer sites, swiftly identifying and rectifying problems such as fouling or contamination. The introduction of color-coded indicators streamlined the process, making it intuitive for engineers to identify plants in need of corrective measures.

  1. Plant Health Reporting

Central to the solution were dashboards dedicated to individual customer plants. Providing a comprehensive overview of the plant’s health over a user-selected period, the dashboard extended its reach to the health assessment of all systems within that plant. This early warning system empowers the organization to recognize potential failures, take preventive measures, and ensure the sustained health of critical infrastructure.

  1. Equipment-Based Metrics

To address granular performance issues, Argano developed dashboards focusing on individual systems. This allows engineers and customers to scrutinize equipment at a more detailed level, ensuring that costs did not escalate due to faulty machinery. The creation of a standardized report card for various water equipment types minimized the need for custom dashboards, streamlining the reporting process without sacrificing depth.

Laying the groundwork for operational excellence and revenue growth

With enhanced reporting and powerful KPI analytics capabilities, the organization is now able to achieve greater operational efficiency and improved strategic decision-making. The benefits include increased data transparency, enhanced reporting for commercial fleet and plant health, and nuanced equipment-based metrics. These improvements contribute to more efficient and prompt assessments of equipment, plants, and systems, ensuring the organization runs at peak performance.

By embracing these transformative capabilities, the company not only drives operational excellence but also uses it as a gateway toward sustained revenue growth. Through data-driven decisions, resource optimization, and enhanced customer satisfaction, the organization paves the way for a future where efficiency and revenue growth go hand in hand.

Unlocking the full potential of your data to drive business success

The strategic integration of Tableau Embedded Analytics can be a major paradigm shift in how businesses approach data and analytics. Organizations, especially those with complex operations and diverse customer bases, can unlock the full potential of their operations. By embracing automated customer-facing reports, you not only enhance operational efficiency but also lay the foundation for sustainable growth.

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