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What Is Salesforce Genie? Everything You Need to Know

Salesforce is best known for its CRM solutions, but the Salesforce Genie real-time data management platform is a popular option for enterprises. Salesforce Genie aims to hyper-personalize customer interactions across sales, marketing, IT, customer service, eCommerce, and more. 

Genie is a customer data platform (CDP) that allows enterprises to organize, visualize, and mobilize both real-time and historical data to personalize customer experiences. While it’s an innovative solution, it isn’t without its drawbacks. 

In this post, we’ll discuss what Salesforce Genie is, its beneficial applications, and its implementation challenges. 

What Is Salesforce Genie?

The Real-Time Customer 360 Powered by Genie is part of the Salesforce platform. It adds real-time customer data to existing transactional data. This creates a single source of truth for customer data across all systems and channels. 

It’s difficult for organizations to keep up with the immense number of data, devices, and experiences they design for customers, but Salesforce Genie can simplify that experience. Salesforce Genie takes an unimaginable amount of data and distills it into a single customer view that organizations can use to improve and personalize the customer experience. 

Salesforce Genie works by:

  • Connecting data streams: Genie brings in data from any source. This includes Salesforce apps, mobile, web, connected devices, historical data, and even legacy systems. 
  • Harmonizing data into a customer graph: Genie takes unstructured data and categorizes it, using data models to create a single customer profile. It updates this profile in real time based on data inputs. 
  • Sharing the customer graph on Customer 360: From there, Genie shares the real-time customer profile on Customer 360. This way, teams can access this information and offer better experiences in real-time, across all channels. 


Organizations can also go to the AppExchange Genie Collection to extend the capabilities of Salesforce Genie. 

Applications for Salesforce Genie

Businesses have an abundancedearth of customer data at their fingertips. We like to think this is an asset, but if businesses fail to harness this data, it can become a liability. Data has to be organized and mobilized data in real-time to make it useful. 

A wide range of industries can benefit from Genie’s customer profiling tool. Healthcare providers use Salesforce Genie to improve patient insights, while financial services providers use the tool to help clients reach their financial goals. 

Unlike other CDPs, nearly all teams in your organization can use Salesforce Genie: 

  • Sales: Your sales representatives can use real-time information to personalize customer calls or product demos.
  • Customer service: Proactively monitor the customer experience with real-time alerts. Instead of waiting for customer complaints, Salesforce Genie enables CSRs to proactively reach out when there’s a problem.
  • Marketing: Marketers can personalize messaging across all channels in real time.
  • eCommerce: Create personalized online shopping experiences that adapt to shoppers’ preferences. Genie allows you to suggest products and even recover abandoned shopping carts.
  • IT: Genie comes with low-code tools that allow IT to leverage data for fraud detection.


Benefits of Salesforce Genie

Organizations rely on Salesforce Genie because: 

  • It’s reliable: Salesforce built Genie using Hyperforce infrastructure to make the platform as resilient as possible. 
  • The platform offers real-time insights: Companies don’t have to wait a week to act on critical customer data. They can be where customers are right now, making this a highly effective way to improve the customer experience. 
  • It’s for multiple teams: Genie isn’t just for sales and marketing. Any department that uses customer data can benefit from Genie’s real-time data automation and insights. 
  • It saves time: Salesforce Genie automates much of the data categorization and personalization process for you. 
  • It can increase revenue: By giving customers the real-time help they expect, businesses can foster deeper relationships that boost loyalty and sales over time.


The Challenges of Salesforce Genie

Although Salesforce Genie can help brands save time and boost sales, it isn’t without its challenges. Organizations have to overcome these issues to get more value out of the platform: 

  • Internal siloes: If your organization is currently siloed, it might feel at odds with the integrated nature of Salesforce Genie. You might need to overhaul your internal processes to add this platform to your workflow.
  • Segmentation: Genie builds a single customer profile. This certainly simplifies things, but organizations usually serve multiple stakeholders. A single customer profile might be too myopic, depending on your business. 
  • Data expertise: Salesforce Genie is more powerful than a typical CDP. It automates much of the process for you, but it still requires expertise to wield correctly. Implementation could be a challenge for non-technical teams. 


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